Apply to use simplified declarations for imports

When you make an import declaration, you may be able to make a simplified declaration when your goods arrive at a UK port or airport.

You need an authorisation to use simplified declaration procedures.

You can enter the goods to free circulation and special procedures:

inward processing
outward processing
authorised use
temporary admission
customs warehousing
Simplified declarations cannot be used if goods are entered into a special procedure using authorisation by declaration.

During migration to the Customs Declaration Service, a Simplified Frontier Declaration can be made on CHIEF and the Supplementary Declaration can be made on the Customs Declaration Service.

If a Supplementary Declaration is made to the Customs Declaration Service, the system will accept the CHIEF entry number against ‘YSDE’ in Data Element 2/1.

The Final Supplementary Declaration has to be entered to the same system that the Supplementary Declaration was entered.

Full details on

24th May 2022

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